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Gayer sister Tips - Lois Tip #1
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Written by Lois DeLeeuw   
Tuesday, 01 February 2011 16:16

Kids have a much more sensitive sense of taste than adults, and grapefruits can be a little much for them.  Try this the next time your kid turns up their nose at a grapefruit, put it in the oven (with the oven on of course) and broil it just long enough to warm it.  The grapefruit will be less sour and kids will love it!


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Quick and easy lunch alternatives for dudes
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Written by Scott   
Tuesday, 11 March 2008 01:22

I was reading Men's Health the other day and a reader submitted a question, more it was a plea for help.  To paraphrase, it was something like, "please give me some lunch alternatives, if I have to eat one more turkey sandwich I'll die".  I got to thinking about it, and if you are like me, lunches often did consist of a turkey sandwich, some baby carrots, and possibly a thing of yogurt.  On very ambitious days I would cut a tomato and onion to put on the sandwich. 

This is no way to go through life!  I hope to make a few installments on easy lunch alternatives for the single guy.  Lunches that can be made in about the time it takes to make a turkey sandwich, but taste a hell of a lot better!

So today's installment, the steak and spinach salad.  I know you are thinking a few things, one is that you don't want to be a salad eating wussy.  Well, that's why we throw in the steak.  The second is probably steak, isn't that expensive and how will I heat it up?  Trust me on this, it tastes awesome cold and it's fairly economical.

First, make a trip to the grocery store and get 1) a sirloin steak, 2) a bag of spinach, 3) some balsamic vinagrette dressing, 4) a six pack of V8, 5) Lemon pepper, 6) cherry tomatoes, 7) Ziploc sandwich and freezer bags (you probably have the sandwich bags from your turkey sandwich days).  Now in the morning, cut the steak in to pieces about the size of the palm of your hand, with any given sirloin this should yield 2-3 pieces, save one for your lunch and put the rest in the freezer with freezer bags for another day.

Toss that one sirloin piece on to your George Foreman grill and coat it with lemon pepper.   Cook if for 6 minutes, when finished slice it in to small pieces and put in a Ziploc bag.  Grab two handfuls of spinach and put them in another Ziploc bag with some cherry tomatoes.  Lastly, take some of the balsamic vinagrette dressing and put it in a container.  I use the tiny Glad containers, but since I didn't list it as something to buy, a Ziploc bag will work.  Put these 3 items and the V8 in to your lunch box with a little ice pack.  Alternatively you could use a Tupperware type bowl for the spinach, it would help save the environment and keep you from finding a bowl for the salad at work.  Total preparation time, around 10 minutes!

Lunch time, mix the spinach and tomatoes, steak, and balsamic vinagrette dressing in to a bowl, eat it cold.  It's spectacular, you'll never eat another turkey sandwich again!  Wash it down with the V8 and you've got a fairly healthy, inexpensive, and super tasty meal!

More quick and easy lunch alternatives in the making, stay tuned...


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