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Created by Brenda

A lot of the recipes I'm adding today...which remain to be approved by the Chef Recipe Editor. :) ... are recipes I use when I am trying to cut the white stuff out of my life (white sugar and white flour). Most of the recipes are hearty, homemade, and taste pretty good.

Created by Brenda
Created by scottdeleeuw

A very tasty alternative, very lemony!

Created by scottdeleeuw

A delicious recipe with prosciutto!

Created by scottdeleeuw

Anyone that has traveled through Nebraska at one time or another has tried the Runza sandwich.  If you are near a Runza, go there, the taste can't be beat.

If you are stuck far away from a Runza go ahead and try this recipe, it will get you close!

Created by Brenda

I almost always make this with either tuna salad or some variation of a california roll. This is SOOOO yummy. I can get all of these ingredients at the Sioux Center Walmart by the way! :) Here is a vegetarian version. Looks really yummy. http://pimptotheutmost.com/blog/post/2010/01/30/norimaki-sushi-step-by-step.aspx I found this video (after typing the instructions)…some overlap between video and my instructions. (Good video instructions!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGG01tj9wi4 Needed: Japanese rice and rice cooker or heavy cooking pot.

Created by Brenda

Good over brown rice or baked potatoes.